As I was raised in the faith, I had the benefit of a father who taught me the importance of viewing the New Testament scriptures from a Jewish perspective. But as a member of a Reformed (PCA) church over the last 10 years, I’ve also been exposed to a very different perspective on the people of God through the teaching of Covenant Theology. Although often dressed up in nice sounding spiritual language, Covenant Theology effectually extracts parts of Israel’s promised national blessings onto the church, while casting away any national promises that Israel might cling to in hope. Ironically, this displacement for Israel tragically undermines the theology of covenant and election that the Reformed tradition claims as its heritage. In the process, I believe that the word of God is undermined, and our arrogance as wild branches is on full display in the face of God. I pray that the Reformed tradition would return to a Biblical view of the people of God, grateful to be Gentiles grafted into the tree, enjoying the covenantal blessings, while we await the day that Israel enjoys her promised future grace.


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